We like to work with a small team, so everyone can focus on their own expertise.
Working with a variety of freelancers and like to help you find the best team for your production.
We find It important to make sure everyone can focus on what they are best in.

A Person called Jasmijn Bult, Photographer and Retoucher for Studio Taupe
A Person called Tom Paape, Production Manager for Studio Taupe

Owner, Photographer & Retoucher

Jasmijn Bult

Is focussed on details, both during shooting and retouching. Jasmijn loves to work with earth tones to create a serene vibe in her images. On set, she finds it important to work as a team and keep an eye on improvisation and improvements.

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Production Manager

Tom Paape

Likes to make sure everything is arranged for the shoot takes place. He is booking the team. And on set, he is making sure we get all the shots the client needs. He is also taking care of the toasted sandwiches during lunch. In Dutch, we like to call him Tom Tosti.

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