iMac in the office of Studio Taupe


Our studio is based at Zutphenseweg 4a in Deventer. The space is 50m2, which gives the space a cosy feeling.

In the studio, we have a variety of different props which can be used for your production. Of course, we have a lot of (Taupe) backgrounds. It’s all ground floor based, so it’s easily accessible. The studio is based in a collective building. So if you’re lost finding the studio, you can always ask someone.


Our studio is on walking distance from the IJssel (River), so when the weather is getting better and the sun is out you can find us eating lunch at the banks of the IJssel. 

The terrain where the studio is based used to be the old gasworks, but since 2015 it’s there for entrepreneurs. The studio is located between the highway and the centre of Deventer. With a lot of (free)parking spaces around the building. But also with public transport or even a walk from the train station, the studio is easy accessible.

Location of Studio Taupe HQ


Prizes for the studio:

1 Hour 75,- ex. TAX.
4 Hours 125,- ex. TAX.
8 Hours 200,- ex. TAX

This is without the rent of equipment, but if you need to rent something.
Please let me know so we can discuss this.

For the use of paper rolls, there will be an additional price of 10,- per meter.

At this moment we also have a desk available for rent, this includes use of the studio. The price for this would be 450,- ex. TAX Monthly.