Image in a mason model on a wooden staircase, wearing an all white jumpsuit.



The Homestay


During the Lockdown, we decided to create a story about being home. Therefore, the Homestay was created.

We’re used to staying home more often, but we still search for some form of escape

This editorial meets these two in the middle. It tells a story about escaping daily life in a luxury country home. Here is a place to enjoy the comfort of home we are used too after a lockdown, but feels spacious and free. Time is well spent, doing activities we enjoy. For this getaway, we will pack our suitcases wisely, with a sense for sustainable craft. We feel good and our clothes do good.


Model: Lisa from Elite Amsterdam
Make-up: Connie Man
Hair: Nicole Poede & Meike van Lente
Stylist: Dominique Verwijmeren 
Production Manager: Tom Paape
Photography & Retouch: Jasmijn Bult | Studio Taupe

Model in a Manson standing in the doorway having a unique dress on, full body.
Model standing in a mason in front of a book shelve picking one book from the shelve.
Model standing in the garden wearing a green suit with texture.
Model sitting in front of a piano, leaning on to it.
Model in a hallway of an old mason with white wooden and oak wooden details visible.