A Memorial Bracelet in the air, surrounded by two balls.


TadBlu started in 2016 with the design of memorial jewellery. Jewellery that can be worn by men and women on a daily basis and are a beautiful, elegant addition to everyone’s own style, so that you can carry your cherished loved one with you in a serene stylish way: Memorial Made Jewellery.

In addition, TadBlu wanted to make jewellery that would be of added value to the funeral director. In our original, patented designs, we have taken into account extra filling space in the ash holders, strategically placed threads for greater filling and closing convenience, and strong materials for durability.

Studio Taupe helped with creating images that are not too formal, but are approachable by also a younger age, because dead is already quite heavy. 
With the photography, we focused on not too heavy lighting, so it had a natural feeling. 


Production Manager: Tom Paape
Photography & Retouch: Jasmijn Bult | Studio Taupe

Memorial Jewellery placed on a mango wood.
A Necklace hanging above stones.
A Memorial bracelet placed on Mango wood.