Products from Mellow on a purple background with matching pillars.

PUUSH Beauty

Puush launched in 2021 and is founded with passion for make-up and beauty with quality and diversity in mind. At Puush you will find a carefully selected range of brands and products. Inspired by the community, the artists and brands that create a movement in beauty.

Make-up/beauty is incredibly versatile, giving you the opportunity to embrace and strengthen your natural beauty, to express yourself and to boost self-confidence. Giving you the opportunity to create art and Puush your limits by blending the rules!

For PUUSH we created images that could be used as banner images, as they are working with a lot of different brands. Together with the owner, we discussed how we could approach the banner images without being too “brand” specific. 

Photography & Retouch: Jasmijn Bult | Studio Taupe

The background are broken eyeshadows with an eyeliner and mascara placed on top.
The background are swatches of lipsticks with the same colour placed above it in its original form.