Kitten on a textured background trying to catch an earring out of a models hand.


Kitten shoot

In March 2022, my sister was looking to adopt two cats. On Facebook Marketplace, she saw two main-coon cats that she really adore. She decided to adopt the duo, but after she had them for a month, one of them became rounder and rounder. So she visited the veterinary surgeon and found out that she was pregnant. When she told me, I imminently asked her if we could borrow them for a shoot when they were a little older because that idea was already in my head for a few years. And that is how we started this shoot. 


Model: Mirre from VDM Models 
Make-up: Charlotte van Beusekom
Hair: Liza Loman
Stylist: Dominique Verwijmeren
Production Manager: Tom Paape
Photography & Retouch: Jasmijn Bult | Studio Taupe

Model on a grey textured background wearing a jacket with two kittens in her pockets.
Model on a grey textured background holding a kitten in her hand which lies on her shoulder.
Model standing in front of a textured background holding a bag with a kitten chilling in it.
Model sitting with a kitten in front of her
Model sitting in front of a curtain while kittens are climbing in the curtains.
Model with a cat in front of her face. The cat is sticking her tong out.
A model holding a bag with a kitten in it looking towards us.
Model holding a kitten