A photo full of chocolate Easter eggs. Being used as a cover for Easter.


Since its foundation in 1926, HEMA has grown into a store where almost all Dutch families are customers. It is not for nothing that HEMA was voted the most indispensable brand in the Netherlands no less than 8 times. Of course, HEMA has changed considerably over the years and has often had to adapt, but some things never change. Today, HEMA is also busy making the daily life of customers more fun and easier. You can see how much meaning HEMA adds to the daily lives of its customers in the everyday HEMA articles that you will find in (almost) every household. 

HEMA has more than 700 stores in 7 countries, 17,000 employees and approximately 32,000 contemporary products and services. HEMA was originally a Dutch company.

For HEMA, we took care of the retouching for the flyer for Easter in 2022. But some of the images were also used in store and in the shopping windows. 


Retouching: Jasmijn Bult | Studio Taupe

All the insides of Hema Easter Eggs.
Image with a model looking for easter eggs.
The inside of an easter egg.
A photo full of chocolate Easter eggs.