Gemstones on a small rainbow which are good for childeren.


Flowrish is a brand focused on gemstones. Every stone has it own healing/usage, so in the shoot we did for her, it was super important to focus on the specific element of the stones, for example the image you see on the left is focused on children. To add a “toy” element which was still not too colourful to miss match with the rest, but would be attractive for kids. 

For the photography we made a concept for every stone Flowrish was selling. 
Some of the gemstones were for a specific constellation, so we keep in mind which characteristics were specific for them. Creating an image for every gemstone was super exciting and interesting to figure out. The client was super happy about the concept we came with and was super happy with the results we created for her. 

Production Manager: Tom Paape
Photographer & Retouch: Jasmijn Bult | Studio Taupe

Gemstones and St Paulo Wood on a purple background.
Gemstones placed on two white pilars.
Product photo of a gemstone being placed in a shell to retain it's strenght.
Gemstones placed in water.
4 Earth toned gemstones placed on mango wooden props and dried flowers next to it.
Two pilars with different jewellery pieces with gemstones on it.
Candles from Flowrish in a creative image. Showcasing the different sizes.