Soap Bar placed on rocks and wood with citrus around it.

Bumi Bars

The client told me about their Body and Shampoo bars, and what was important to showcase. We created a creative letter for them. Including the colours of the background, props that really complimented the aspects of the brand, being vegan and having only natural ingredients, not using SLS or SLES. In every image, you see props that are matching the ingredients of the product. 

Bumi Bars was my first client to create creative product images for. Bumi bars got my interest in shooting products back, and never went away after. We created multiple images that really complimented the product.

Soap on a taupe background placed on a rock with ingredients around it.
Soapbar on a Taupe background with Coconut smell, placed on a coconut.
Soapbar on a Taupe background on top of rocks.